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In IoT concept, wireless communication module is the key link connecting IoT sensing layer and network layer. Among them, the role of cellular communication module is to carry end-to-cloud platform data interaction through WAN, which is a channel for user data transmission and is one of the core components of IoT terminal.

The data communication between the terminal and the platform is done in a iot wifi module way, and there are mainly two kinds of command mode and data transmission mode.

1.AT command mode

AT command management mode, that is, the master controller can send AT commands to the module by using the serial port to send the end-user data (“10″) to the module, and then send it to the network platform through the analysis module. Sending AT command enterprise successfully develops will have an answer (SNED OK). After the completion of sending, the module needs to respond to the main controller by using the serial port to send their own completion; the platform system sends the information data (“01″) to the module, which is mainly sent to the main controller by using the serial port to achieve the operation of the opposite end. Sending AT command successfully will have an answer.

2. Data transmission mode

It means that the main controller can send information data (“10″) to the module by using the serial port, and then send it to the network platform by analyzing the module. After sending, the platform system sends relevant data to the module, which is sent to the main controller through a serial port to realize the operation of the opposite end.

The data transfer process does not require sending specific commands. Of course, to enter the transmission mode or need to send module-related AT command configuration through the main controller, such as platform address, open transmission mode, etc.. Note: The transmission mode is best to increase the data length, verification and other information to prevent packet loss and other problems, the device communication abnormalities need to deploy the transmission mode to troubleshoot.

Transparent transmission module as the name implies is a transparent transmission module, transparent transmission is carried out in the horizontal propagation, regardless of the transmission service, only responsible for the transmission of services to the destination node, equivalent to a data line or serial line, serial port data encapsulated by the modular tcp/ip protocol stack, and then the data is uploaded to the cloud platform through the network, no need to deal with the services sent.

In the era of IoT, in order to achieve transparent data transmission of smart devices, we need to rely on the power of wireless transparent transmission module, which can realize the same length and content of data between the sender and the receiver without any data processing, only transparent data transmission. It can be widely used in energy and electricity, automatic meter reading, smart city, industrial automation, vehicle transportation, environmental monitoring, equipment monitoring, modern agriculture and many other industries.

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