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one. Definition:

The entire identify of AOI is computerized optical inspection, which happens to be an machines that detects popular problems encountered in welding generation based on optical principles.SunzonTech\’s smt aoi machines use cutting-edge technology to guarantee high speed and precision with FPC special detection logic and defect analysis. AOI is usually a new variety of test technological know-how that’s emerging, however it is establishing fast, and a lot of brands have released AOI examination gear. The automated optical detector mostly performs detection through optical principles, weighted imaging variance data evaluation concepts, color extraction strategies, similarity concepts, and binarization rules. Discover flaws and conduct graphic comparison techniques.

The event of AOI technological know-how inside the course of intelligence is undoubtedly an inevitable need introduced with the advancement of SMT. Under the enhancement features of SMT’s miniaturization, significant density, swift assembly, and diversified types, the quantity of detection information is massive and sophisticated. No matter whether it is in real-time detection feed-back, or concerning the accuracy of research and analysis, it depends on handbook verification. It is almost difficult to analyze and diagnose the standard details obtained by AOI, and intelligent AOI technological innovation that replaces manual automated analysis and prognosis has become an unavoidable development.

AOI-Automated Optical Inspection is an automatic optical inspection product applied to the manufacturing line of SMT-Surface Mounted Know-how, which could successfully detect the standard of printing, mounting and solder joints. Through the use of AOI tools to be a device to lessen defects, mistakes is often uncovered and eradicated early inside the assembly approach to accomplish great procedure regulate. Early detection of flaws will stay clear of sending faulty goods to your assembly stage of your subsequent method, and AOI machines will reduce repair prices and stay clear of scrapping unrepairable circuit boards.

2. Principal functions:

(A) High-speed inspection program, not affected by PCB mounting density;

(B) Fast and convenient programming system, graphical interface, that which you see is exactly what you get, and use placement data to instantly software inspection systems;

(C) For different detection things, combined with optical imaging processing technology, you’ll find distinct detection solutions (detection algorithms);

(D) In ??the situation the place the mounting position of the detected part is offset, the detection window is going to be routinely positioned to realize high-precision detection;

(E) Exhibit the actual error graphic to facilitate the final visible check through the worker;

(F) Statistic NG information examination sales opportunities to bad good reasons, and real-time feedback of method details.

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